Industrialize Model Risk Management with Chiron

Industrialize Model Risk Management with Chiron

Online, May 26, 2021, at 10:00 CET

Join our next public demo “Industrialize Model Risk Management with Chiron” and learn more about Chiron, award-winning data science platform. This is a dynamic session where you can interact with us.

How to industrialize model risk management with Chiron?

At, we have created Chiron, our award-winning platform for model risk management (MRM). Our mission is to “embed trust in an algorithm-driven world”

Our clients use Chiron across all three lines of defence to streamline model validation, create reproducible model documentation and automate testing.

This approach increases operational efficiency, leading to lower costs, faster time to market and more collaboration between teams.

Target Audience

Chief Risk Officers, Risk Managers, Model Validators, Auditors, Data Officers and Data Scientists.

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About Chiron

Chiron, an award-winning data science platform, is an enterprise solution for Model Risk Management, designed to streamline your model lifecycle through the automation of repetitive tasks.

  • Automate repetitive analyses
  • Facilitate collaboration between teams
  • Create reproducible model documentation and validation reports
  • Monitor model quality evolution over time