We embed trust in an
Algorithm-driven world

Leverage an award-winning data science platform to accelerate model testing and validation, automate model documentation, and streamline your Model Risk Management processes.


Trust your models with our Enterprise Model
Risk Management Technology

Scale Model Risk Management processes, and increase the speed and efficiency of model validation and monitoring activities with
the Chiron MRM Platform.

model inventory


Support your model lifecycle with Chiron Enterprise

Chiron Enterprise combines an interactive model inventory and a configurable workflow engine to enable decision-makers, model developers, and model validators to efficiently collaborate, manage end-to-end business processes, and have full auditability of all events over the model lifecycle. 


Automate Model Validation
with Chiron App

Chiron App automates model testing, validation, and documentation. The tool includes MRM-specific analytics such as benchmarking, backtesting, and data quality analysis. Chiron App versions and links all models, data, and analytics to enable going back in time and reproducing previous results. 

automated model validation

Industry-wide credibility

Trusted by tier 1 financial institutions and regional banks worldwide to simplify and streamline their Model Risk Management.

Build better models,
Save costs.

Traditional model validation is a lengthy and costly process that often risks model quality. Chiron’s monitoring functionality allows for the early detection of model failure, leading to better models and lower capital requirements. With our enterprise risk management technology, banks can reduce the cost of model validation by a factor of 10.

Chiron Enterprise Model Risk Management


Manage your model lifecycle better

To trust models as drivers of decisions, you need to have a transparent and auditable view of the models used within your organization. Chiron Enterprise offers a customizable model inventory to keep track of all models throughout their lifecycle and a configurable workflow engine to streamline processes. Scale your model risk activities while enforcing structured and consistent workflows within your teams.


Automate model validation

Model risk management is to a large extent driven by cost and capital reduction. Due to the introduction of new model types (such as AI), new regulatory frameworks, and the war for talent, these goals become more challenging every year. Our Chiron MRM suite enables institutions to industrialize model risk management through the use of templated validation scripts.

Ready to streamline your model lifecycle?

Leverage our award-winning data science platform to embed trust in your algorithms and embrace responsible data-driven decision-making.

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