We Embed Trust in An Algorithm-Driven World

Leverage an award-winning data science platform to streamline your model lifecycle and turn Model Risk Management into a value driver.

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Build better models and put them faster into production

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Model developers

  • Automate model testing in a homogeneous way
  • Generate reproducible and regulatory compliant documentation
  • Monitor model quality evolution over time
  • Centralize, version and clean data
  • Automate and industrialize the validation process
  • Create reproducible validation reports
  • Capture model deficiencies
  • Assess effectiveness of your model risk management framework
  • Manage audit trail to keep track of model modifications


An award-winning
data science platform

Chiron is an enterprise solution for Model Risk Management, designed to streamline your model lifecycle through the automation of repetitive tasks.

AI audit and certification

Algorithms are used to make important decisions. Because of the scale and speed of algorithms, issues can appear, for instance, bias, fairness and accuracy. Therefore, these can be significantly amplified leading to losses, impact on the company’s reputation and others. To mitigate this risk, Chiron offers algorithmic audit and certification services.

Automated audit of AI algorithms

Many organizations are in the process of deploying AI applications into production. A major concern is how to make sure that the algorithms are trustworthy. With Chiron, you can automate the validation of these algorithms.

Ready to streamline your model lifecycle?

Leverage our award-winning data science platform to embed trust in your algorithms and embrace responsible data-driven decision-making.