Yields for AI

Yields for AI is an AI risk management system that enables data science teams to comply with regulation by design.

Algorithm register

The algorithm register allows you to keep track of all metadata of the algorithms. It can integrate with standard tools such as MLflow Model Register or Databrick’s Unity Catalog.

Workflow engine

Configurable workflow engine that guides your teams through the entire AI lifecycle, gathers the right approvals and builds audit trail. Service tasks are used to automate workloads and interact programmatically.

A secure & collaborative platform

Decide who can access any object. Allow for controlled sharing of information across teams.


Key features & benefits


Integrate Yields for AI with your existing AI toolset (e.g. CICD pipelines, MLOps tools, datascience workspaces, …). Client SDKs are available for all frameworks that are supported by OpenAPI.

Content Catalogs

Multiple catalogs that allow you to manage AI use cases, algorithm components, governances and structured metadata separately.

Compliant by design

Configurations are available to comply with the EU AI Act, NIST AI RMF, Colorado SB21-169 and NYC Local Law No. 144.

How to get started

A proven methodology to manage AI risks.

One of the unique aspects of Yields is that we have built up years of expertise in supporting our customers to manage model risk. To get started with AI risk management, we suggest a three-pronged approach.

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Our experts review how AI applications are used, managed and developed. After analysing your AI lifecycle, we deliver a maturity report and provide you with a remediation plan to achieve compliance with leading guidelines such as the EU AI Act or the NIST AI RMF.

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AI Assessments are a tool to prove compliance to AI risk guidelines and regulation. They are also required to apply for AI risk insurance. Our experts will independently review your AI use case and focus on both qualitative and quantitative aspects. The outcome is a validation report with a remediation plan.

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The Yields for AI module will be configured in line with your AI risk policies, procedures and standards. By using this module, you will be compliant by design and your teams will leverage AI governance and risk management as a competitive advantage.

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Experience the power of Yields for AI

Manage AI risk uncompromisingly by using the most complete AI risk management system.

An AI GRC solution with inventories for all AI system components, workflows, dashboarding and reporting

APIs to integrate with your MLOps and LLMOps toolchain

Best-practice quantitative assessment checklists

Data scientists

Assure AI use case reliability and compliance

Keep all AI records up to date programmatically

Build trust in your deployment pipelines

AI governance teams

Compliance by design

Exhaustive audit trails to support reviews by audit, regulators, insurers, etc.

Multi-Governance setup to address the global regulatory landscape

Trustworthy AI by design

argenta & yields

Success Story

Streamlining model validation at Argenta Bank

A top Belgian bank struggled to efficiently manage its model validation process due to an ever-growing model inventory and lack of talent. Discover how the Yields for Performance helped the bank overcome validation backlogs.


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