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Yields.io is a fast-growing tech company on a mission to empower organisations to trust their algorithms and lead them to responsible data-driven decision making.


Our story & values

In 2017, Jos Gheerardyn and Sébastien Viguié co-founded Yields.io. After many years of experience in banking, Jos and Sebastien witnessed the growing dependency of financial institutions on models for decision making. Furthermore, the introduction of advanced analytic techniques – such as Machine Learning – in models led to new challenges to manage model risk.

Driven by the potential financial damage caused by the usage of models that are not fit for purpose or are wrongfully implemented, there is increasing pressure from regulatory bodies to implement a Model Risk Management framework. The framework incorporates guiding principles for organizations to develop, validate, and monitor models. The full model lifecycle typically is a manual and expensive process that is often supported by technology unable to cope with the increasing complexity and versatility of models.

This is why we have created Chiron, an award-winning data science platform to streamline your model lifecycle. With Chiron, we are living up to our mission to embed trust in an algorithm-driven world.

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Meet our team

Our leaders are well-experienced professionals who possess extensive background in model risk management.

Our team of engineers, data scientists, product managers, and business specialists bring a wide set of skills and experiences building agile solutions at top-tier financial institutions

  • Jos Gheerardyn

    Jos Gheerardyn

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Sebastien Viguie

    Sebastien Viguie

    CTO & Co-founder

  • Michel Akkermans

    Michel Akkermans

    Chairman of the Board

  • maarten baeten

    Maarten Baeten

    Director Model Risk Analytics

  • Delphine Draelants

    Director Customer Success

  • daria

    Daria Lazko

    Business Development Representative

  • Arsalen Hagui

    Arsalen Hagui

    DevOps Engineer

  • emel cetin

    Emel Cetin

    Office Manager

  • jonathan picard

    Jonathan Picard

    Junior DevOps Engineer

  • catalin popescu

    Catalin Popescu

    Senior DevOps Engineer

  • marek kolman

    Marek Kolman

    Lead Quant

  • Efrem Bonfiglioli

    Efrem Bonfiglioli

    Solution Engineer

  • ciprian

    Ciprian Aninoiu


  • valentin

    Valentin Calin

    Product Owner Chiron App

  • Leonel Atencio

    Leonel Atencio


  • Liviu

    Liviu Enescu


  • Madalin Plastoi

    Madalin Plastoi


  • Eimee V


  • Shraddha Bandhari

    Monika Agarwal


  • mircea anton

    Mircea Anton

    Product Owner Chiron Enterprise

  • Olivier Samyn

    Olivier Samyn


  • Vojin

    Vojin Nikolic

    Data Engineer

  • Simon Vanooteghem

    Director of Sales

  • Andrei Györfi

    Andrei Györfi


  • Bradley Massey

    Bradley Massey

    Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Chamberlain Mbah

    Chamberlain Mbah

    Data Scientist

  • lauri tamminem

    Lauri Tamminen


  • rob ritchie

    Robert Ritchie

    Solution Architect

  • Cosmin Iordache

    Cosmin Iordache


  • Hafizullah Qasemi

    Hafizullah Qasemi


  • nicky

    Nicky Vanwalleghem


  • Jorge Gomez

    Jorge Gomez

    Data Scientist

  • Diana Manaloiu

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We’re on a mission to build trust in AI and we’re always looking for new talent to join us as we help organizations trust their models.

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Yields.io is now ISO 27001:2017 certified!

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Automated Model Documentation with the Chiron MRM platform

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Leveraging technology to streamline periodic revalidation