About Yields.io

Yields.io is an international technology company providing an award-winning SaaS platform for financial institutions to stay in control of their models. The modular and model agnostic solution empowers firms to oversee, test and document their models at scale while ensuring full reproducibility and auditability.

Leading global and local firms have successfully deployed the Yields MRM platform to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of their model development and validation activities. Yields.io is backed by renowned investment firms including investors Volta Ventures, Pamica NV, and G+D Ventures. 

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About Yields.io

Our story

In 2017, Jos Gheerardyn and Sébastien Viguié co-founded Yields.io. After many years of experience in banking, Jos and Sebastien witnessed financial institutions’ growing dependency on decision-making models. Furthermore, introducing advanced analytic techniques – such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – in models led to new challenges in managing model risk.

Driven by the potential financial and reputational damage caused by the usage of models that are not fit for purpose or implemented incorrectly, regulatory scrutiny and requirements have intensified over recent years and model risk has taken center stage on the regulatory agenda. Model risk is increasingly being elevated as a standalone principal risk that demands robust and transparent model validation capabilities and controls, anchored within formalized MRM governance. As a result, financial institutions are reconsidering their operating model and exploring strategies to effectively manage their exposure to model risk through fast-emerging automation capabilities. The whole model lifecycle is typically a manual and expensive process often supported by technology that cannot cope with the models’ increasing complexity and versatility.

That’s why we created the Yields MRM platform, an award-winning data science platform to support financial institutions throughout their model risk management journey. With Chiron, we are living up to our mission to embed trust in an algorithm-driven world.

Our values

Our commitment to embedding trust is deeply rooted in our core values that guide every facet of our operations, relationships, and innovations. Let’s delve deeper into the essence of these principles:

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We solve for clients

Our clients are the lifeblood of our operations, and their challenges become our mission. We believe in listening more than we speak.

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We assure

Our clients use our product to instil trust in their models and algorithms. Hence, every facet of our platform is designed with a focus on trustworthiness, ensuring that our users can fully rely on the tools and insights we provide.

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We build on trust

We empower our colleagues with significant independence, believing in their commitment and expertise.

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Our opinions matter

In the world of algorithms, there is a thin line between innovation and misfortune. A new algorithm with great potential can turn into an existential threat. We therefore do not shy away from stating clear opinions on deploying algorithms in high-risk environments. Our stances are informed, researched, and actionable.

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We are scientists

Bringing scientific rigor to our client’s model lifecycle is a commitment to ultimate transparency. By embedding rigor and methodical examination, we ensure that every model is understood.
We believe in being open about both our successes and failures. By sharing our entire story, we foster a genuine relationship with our stakeholders.

Meet our team

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Our backers

The imec.istart offers an initial financial injection, professional coaching and mentoring, access to technology and working facilities, and access to a broad network of partners and investors.

imec istart

Seed & early stage venture capital fund that invests in internet and software companies located in the Benelux.

volta ventures

Pamica NV is the investment company of Michel Akkermans. Pamica funds companies in finance and technology.

pamica nv

A theme-driven VC focused on growth-oriented companies that promote and protect trust in our society.

GD ventures


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