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Generating model documentation

Learn how to streamline the model documentation process by populating templates with qualitative information and test results.

generating insights in the platform

The video demonstrates how to use a platform for effective model management by showcasing tools for consulting dashboards, generating reports, and identifying models due for validation, which aids in capacity planning and risk management.

tracing model assumptions

Learn to manage metadata and maintain model updates with the platform’s tracing features.

Configuring the platform within the UI

Learn to configure Yields for Governance without coding to adapt quickly to model risk requirements.

Event driven model monitoring

Automate model monitoring to generate action plans when metrics fall below set thresholds.

model lifecycle management

The video explains how to manage models effectively, focusing on updates, collaboration, documentation, and validation to enhance efficiency, accountability, and transparency.

periodic model monitoring

Discover how to effectively manage and trace model metadata to investigate model dependencies, assess the impact of events on models, and track changes.

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