Customer success stories

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America First 2 helped America First scale and gain control over their model risk management by centralizing activities and improving collaboration.

AXA 1 1 helped AXA Bank Belgium scale their VaR calculation & reporting using Chiron App.

argenta x 1

Discover how Argenta Bank leveraged Chiron App to scale their model monitoring and model validation activities.

Automated Testing & Documentation at a G-SIB

Discover how a G-SIB leveraged Chiron Enterprise and Chiron App to streamline its model lifecycle and model maintenance under evolving regulatory standards.

Validation of Credit Risk Models at a Belgian Bank

A top Belgian bank was struggling to efficiently manage its model validation process due to an ever-growing model inventory and lack of talent. Discover how Chiron App helped the bank overcome validation backlogs.

Automating Model Validation at a Tier 1 Bank

Learn how a top-tier bank uses Chiron App to improve the speed and efficiency of its model validation activities and cope with increasing regulatory requirements.

Streamline and scale your model risk management activities


Discover the Yields MRM Platform in action and learn how to streamline your model lifecycle.

Standardize and automate model documentation

Enable an enterprise-wide view of model risk

Centrally manage end-to-end processes

Achieve compliance with regulatory MRM standards