The Yields MRM Platform on IBM Cloud for Financial Services and IBM have come together to solve one of the most prevalent problems facing model-driven, regulated industries–how to balance agility with security.

Now available on IBM Cloud for Financial Services®, the Yields MRM Platform empowers organizations with dedicated model validation tools on an industry-specific cloud that places trust and security at the forefront.

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Solutions Made Stronger on the Cloud


The Yields MRM Platform cuts the total time spent on model risk from 6 FTE months/year/model for standard MRM to 2.5 FTE weeks/year/model for technology-driven MRM.


The IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services provides a controls framework and compliance structure for the entire ecosystem through a common set of automated, preconfigured controls applied across IBM Cloud® services, third-party applications and financial institution workloads.


The Yields MRM Platform automates repetitive tasks and increase efficiency by a factor of 10. It also helps you to perform more frequent and comprehensive analyses to manage your exposure to model risk.

The Solution

The model risk management platform is an end-to-end platform that incorporates AI for real-time model testing and validation on an enterprise-wide scale. This allows you to speed up model validation tasks, generate regulatory compliance documentation, and industrialize model monitoring. offers advanced automation capabilities, high flexibility, enhanced collaboration abilities, and robust integrations. And bonus: The platform offers a model inventory and workflow engine that can be configured in a no-code manner.

Taking advantage of the Yields MRM Platform means you can centrally manage and streamline your model risk management processes with efficiency, confidence, and speed all by saving time and money.

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IBM Cloud for Financial Services, speed innovation and address your security and compliance needs.

IBM Cloud for Financial Services is supported by an ecosystem of curated ISVs, fintechs and SaaS providers, such as, to help make it easier and faster for financial institutions to onboard third-party applications and services and begin working with them on IBM Cloud.

The IBM Cloud for Financial Services is designed to help financial institutions:


Address your compliance requirements with an industry-built common controls platform.

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Operate with choice and agility through hybrid
cloud deployment options.

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Safeguard data with industry-leading security capabilities.

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Speed innovation with an ecosystem of ISVs, fintechs and SaaS providers.

Case study

Validation of Credit Risk Models

A top Belgian bank was struggling to efficiently manage its model validation process due to an ever-growing model inventory and lack of talent. Discover how Chiron App helped the bank overcome validation backlogs.

Chiron App 2022

*Learn more about the IBM Cloud Framework at

IBM Cloud for Financial Services has received the AAA rating from Pinakes, a service managed by the Interbank Cooperation Center (ICC), which works to create a secure ecosystem for the Spanish financial industry. “IBM Cloud for Financial Services receives a triple A rating in Pinakes from the Center for Interbank Cooperation”, IBM,

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