Yields.io Leaders featured in famous Belgian news and tech website, Bloovi

Jos Gheerardyn and Sebastien Viguie, founder of Yields and pioneers of world-class model validation platforms, Chiron App & Chiron Enterprise, share their insights about model risk management in a feature at the famous Belgian news and tech website, Bloovi.

In this article, the duo elaborates on the increasing reliance of organizations on models in business decision-making. Jos & Sebastien cited the risks and the severity of consequences involved in outdated algorithms and model misuse across industries emphasizing the increasing need for model validation.

Bridging the gap in Model Risk Management

The changing context of model risk management urged Jos & Sebastien to develop a solution that bridges the gap in developing mathematical models aimed at helping organizations streamline their model lifecycle and convert the problems in their algorithms into actionable business insights.

While the article is in Dutch, the English translation captures the essence of the publication. To read the full article, click here.

hoe dit vlaams waalse duo met zijn ai platform algoritmes automatisch wil testen en monitoren