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Chiron App is an award-winning data-science platform developed to enable model developers and model validators to automate and standardise all model testing to efficiently manage model risk. The platform introduces reproducibility and auditability, and comes with a library of analytics that can be enriched based on your business-specific requirements.

Chiron App is deployed at Tier 1 financial institutions as well as local or regional banks.

automated model validation with chiron


Chiron App can significantly increase the efficiency, reliability and speed of manual repetitive tasks and tests.

Version Control

Chiron App records the version history of all validation artefacts (data, models, analytics, etc.)


Allows setting a standard set of tests per model category that are expected to be run and evidenced for all validations of the model.

Audit & Compliance

All validations and specifications are fully recorded for audit purposes, together with full details of user and changes.


All instances run on the platform can be replayed in the future with the data and model as they were originally run.

Managed environment

All environments are fully managed in the Chiron App Platform, removing the need to manage individual Python environments, including current libraries.

Build better models and put them faster into production

Model Developers

  • Automate model testing in a homogeneous way
  • Generate reproducible and regulatory-compliant documentation
  • Monitor model quality evolution over time
  • Centralize, version and clean data

Model Validators

  • Automate and industrialize the validation process
  • Generate reproducible and regulatory-compliant documentation
  • Create reproducible validation reports


  • Capture model deficiencies
  • Assess the effectiveness of your model risk management framework
  • Manage audit trail to keep track of model modifications

Model validation with Chiron App

Validation of Credit Risk Models at a Belgian Bank

A top Belgian bank was struggling to efficiently manage its model validation process due to an ever-growing model inventory and lack of talent. Discover how Chiron App helped the bank overcome validation backlogs.

credit risk model validation

Chiron App Flow

The first AI platform that streamlines an organization’s model lifecycle. Chiron App is a model validation tool that empowers organizations to trust their models.

chiron app for model risk management tool

01 Mapping

  • Configure your data
  • Link your model & data

02 Testing

  • Select the set of quantitative analyses to perform
  • Link the analyses to your mapping
  • Run the analyses

03 Reporting

  • Output performance and data quality metrics
  • Generate a validation document
  • Compare performance against benchmark model

04 Monitoring

  • Perform model testing on an ongoing basis
  • Generate model monitoring report

Employ AI to validate models and
data at scale

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Get Immediate access to capabilities

Chiron App is built with all the functionalities teams need to efficiently manage model risk. Chiron App combines a simple interface and a powerful set of tools that can help make your model validation process 10x faster.

  • Implement best practices
  • Automate & integrate via API’s
  • SaaS or On-premise deployment
  • Leverage modern big data technology stack to scale computations to arbitrary large datasets

Powerful and flexible features

Chiron App is the first AI platform that is designed to address some of the most complex processes in model validation. Chiron App can efficiently streamline the model lifecycle and decrease time spent validating a model.

  • Reproducibility across the model lifecycle
  • Automate quantitative testing
  • Automatic reporting capabilities
  • Model risk-specific analytics
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