Award-winning data science platform

Chiron App

Chiron App is a data science platform specifically designed to equip model risk managers, data scientists, and model validators with an AI-driven tool that has all the functionalities to efficiently manage model risk.

Chiron App is employed by Tier 1 financial institutions as well as local regional banks.

Chiron, the award winning data science platform
  • Increased efficiency through automation

Chiron App can significantly increase efficiency and consistency of your organization’s model validation process through the use of templated validation scripts.

  • Improved reproducibility of the validation process

Keep track of the linkage between data, analytics and reports, leading to maximal reproducibility.

  • Create model documentation and validation reports

Generate model validation documents compliant with the most strict regulatory frameworks such as SR 11-7 and PS 7/18.

Build better models and put them faster into production

Model developers

  • Automate model testing in a homogeneous way
  • Generate reproducible and regulatory compliant documentation
  • Monitor model quality evolution over time
  • Centralize, version and clean data
  • Automate and industrialize the validation process
  • Create reproducible validation reports
  • Capture model deficiencies
  • Assess effectiveness of your model risk management framework
  • Manage audit trail to keep track of model modifications

Chiron App Flow

The first AI platform that streamlines an organization’s model lifecycle. Chiron App empowers organizations to trust their models.

01 Mapping

  • Configure your data
  • Link your model & data

02 Testing

  • Select the set of quantitative analyses to perform
  • Link the analyses to your mapping
  • Run the analyses

03 Reporting

  • Output performance and data quality metrics
  • Generate a validation document
  • Compare performance against benchmark model

04 Monitoring

  • Perform model testing on ongoing basis
  • Generate model monitoring report

Employ AI to validate models and
data at scale

Powerful and flexible features

Chiron App was developed with data scientists and developers in mind. It has all the functionalities and flexibility you’ll need to streamline your model validation process.

  • Reproducibility across the model lifecycle
  • Automate quantitative testing
  • Automatic reporting capabilities
  • Model risk specific analytics

Immediate access to capabilities

  • Implements best practices
  • Automate & integrate via API’s
  • SaaS or On-premise deployment
  • Leverage modern big data technology stack to scale computations to arbitrary large datasets

Ready to streamline your model lifecycle?

Leverage our award-winning data science platform to embed trust in your algorithms and embrace responsible data-driven decision-making.

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