Streamline your model inventory


Chiron Enterprise is a configurable workflow management and model inventory platform tool to orchestrate your model risk management activities.

  • Workflow engine

Enforce compliance to your model risk management framework and apply consistent workflows within your teams.

  • Central model inventory

Scale your model inventory management and have a transparent and auditable overview of your model landscape.

  • Flexible and configurable

Flexibility in languages, organizations, and metadata. Fully configurable model-specific attributes.

How does Chiron Enterprise work?

Chiron Enterprise features a simple interface that gives you a transparent & auditable view of your model landscape. 

Model Inventory

  • Easily find models by applying multiple filters
  • Display core attributes for a given model
  • Upload all relevant model documentation
  • Create business level dashboards

Workflow Management

  • Initiate a periodic validation process
  • Store model validation findings and request model improvements
  • Audit trail of process history

Chiron Enterprise: the single version of the truth

Streamline your model inventory

Chiron Enterprise helps you organize models in the most efficient way possible.

  • Transparent and auditable
  • New workflows without writing code
  • Keep the full history of model reviews
  • Automate model monitoring and other tasks

Empowering model risk managers

  • Model documentation management
  • Generate custom reports and analyses
  • Task and alerting capabilities
  • Shared and transparent information

Ready to streamline your model lifecycle?

Leverage our award-winning data science platform to embed trust in your algorithms and embrace responsible data-driven decision-making.

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