Chiron Enterprise is a configurable workflow management and model inventory platform to orchestrate and scale your model risk management activities. Keep track of you model landscape, foster collaboration, and support the execution of end-to-end MRM processes.

Chiron Enterprise model inventory for risk management

How does Chiron Enterprise work?

Chiron Enterprise is a modular platform that includes a flexible model inventory, an integrated process engine, and a documentation builder. 

Model Inventory

Access and update model-related info in a controlled environment and have a transparent and auditable overview of your model landscape.

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Documentation Builder

Standardise the layout and structure of your model documentation. Build a document by selecting content instead of writing it.  

Model documentation

Workflow Orchestrator

Enforce compliance to your model risk management framework and facilitate a smooth execution of end-to-end MRM processes. 

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Automated Testing & Documentation
at a G-SIB

A global tier 1 bank needed to strengthen their regulatory compliance and streamline their MRM activities. The bank implemented the Chiron MRM Platform to increase efficiency of their MRM activities by automating their testing and documentation generation. 

Improved collaboration

Move away from a decentralised way of working and foster collaboration between the three lines of defence. Request and assign actions, implement approval workflows, and follow up on actions through a centralised platform.  

Consistent and automated model documentation

Store all relevant model documents centrally and immediately accessible at model level. Automatically generate your model documentation based on predefined templates that can be maintained (e.g. versioned) within the platform itself.

Centralise model risk management

Establish a centralised model inventory that allows for a high degree of no-code configurability to more easily re-adapt over time. Enforce consistency in capturing and maintaining model related information. Configure dashboards and create reports for senior management.

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