Webinar: ML techniques in Model Risk Management

To celebrate our most recent Risk.net Technology Award 2020, we invite you to rewatch the webinar "Machine Learning techniques in Model Risk Management (MRM)".

In this webinar, Jos Gheerardyn, CEO of Yields.io, talked about the interplay between Machine Learning (ML) and Model Risk.

In the first part, we discussed how Machine Learning can help to streamline validation tasks, such as mesuring data quality, creating challenger models and performing stress tests. In the second half of the talk, we discussed how to create a model risk management (MRM) framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Indroduction: About Chiron

Part I: Managing Model Risk with AI

- Validating Data
- Data Generation
- Model Risk Quantification
- Monitoring

Part II: Managing the risk of AI

- Model dependencies
- Safe AI framework
- Model assumptions and design
- Performance testing
- Limitations

About Chiron

Our award-winning platform, Chiron, is primarily designed to support the full model lifecycle with the purpose to improve model risk management. This means that Chiron provides dedicated analytical support for all three lines of defence, while simultaneously fostering collaboration between various teams, organization of the work through model and data inventories and integration with workflow engines.

Regarding the analytical support, Chiron is primarily designed to automate and speed up model validation and model testing tasks, to generate regulatory compliant documentation and to industrialize model monitoring. The platform works with all models that are used within the financial sector such as credit decision models, AI applications, valuation algorithms, market risk, AML and behavioural models.

In addition, Yields.io provides a wide range of advisory services (model risk and data governance, model risk framework design, managing risk of AI applications) as well as technical consulting (model validation, testing, model risk framework implementation, integration services) always centered around Chiron. We focus on the team, empowering them not only with technology but also with knowledge through training on the applications and its programing languages.

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Jos Gheerardyn, July 2020

Interested in learning more? Download here our white paper The Evolution of Model Risk Management.


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