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Why Yields

Confident Decisions with Trusted Models

Institutions rely on complex models, algorithms and AI to make critical decisions. To mitigate the risk of algorithmic failure, organizations use the Yields MRM Suite to stay in control of their models.

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Ensure accuracy and consistent results

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Enhance oversight, testing and documentation

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Meet all regulatory requirements


Improved Collaboration

Increase communication across all lines of defence with a centralized platform for model risk management.


Increased Efficiency

Automate time-consuming validation and documentation tasks, freeing up time for in-depth analysis.

Our impact

Empower your team

The Yields MRM Suite automates routine model risk management tasks, freeing your team to concentrate on strategic, high-value activities.


Reduced Errors

Mitigate human error with guided workflows, automated processes and a full audit trail.


Compliance by design

Ensure that all teams adhere to your MRM framework.


Our model risk management suite

Improve model performance, increase the efficiency of model development and validation, and ease MRM planning.

Effortless efficiency

Oversee your models, simplify model management

Yields for Governance combines a dynamic model inventory, a configurable workflow engine and a customizable documentation builder. The module enables all lines of defence to manage the entire model lifecycle and stay in control of their models.

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Automate model testing

Generate quantitative insights

Yields for Performance lets you automate model monitoring and standardize testing during development and validation. It features a curated set of MRM analytics that can be customized by your analysts.

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Success stories

What our customers say

A trusted solution used by both top-tier financial institutions, regional banks and organizations that use complex analytics in high-risk environments.

Partnering with Yields made perfect sense to us: their award-winning data science platform perfectly complements our own in-house expertise, allowing us to help our clients streamline their model lifecycle and transform MRM into a value driver.

Matthias Degen

Matthias Degen

Partner, Financial Services, KPMG Switzerland

Before using Yields’ solution, we were limited to conducting validations on a yearly basis. Now, we can perform validations monthly with just a few clicks, and the entire process is automated.


Quinten Collier

Manager Validation & Model Risk Management, Argenta

The implementation of Yields for Governance was easy and secure. The collaboration and communication with Finn and Jonathan from the Customer Success team was also seamless.

cameron miller model risk management at America First

Cameron Miller


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Enhance model performance, mitigate model risk

Our demo center showcases how Yields for Governance and Yields for Performance can help you:

  • Automate the generation of model documentation to ensure consistency and efficiency.
  • Configure the solution effortlessly in the UI, reducing IT or vendor dependency.
  • Gain deeper insights on how technology can help you stay in control of your models.


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