Yields.io, Model validation service of the year 2019

Yields.io is delighted to share with you that we won the award of "Model validation service of the year" 2019 by the prestigious Risk.net, in New York. This is a recognition of our hard work, experience and vision in the area of Model Risk Management.

MRM is going through an industrialization phase and at Yields.io we support our clients to transition into this new era by bringing a state of the art technology platform that allows them to validate and manage both ML as well as classical models. Our solution uses AI to automate model risk management which means that our clients can spend more time investigating exceptions. Thanks to our data and model monitoring functionality, we moreover help our users to build more robust analytics. We bring a modern solution at a time where banks increase their risk management capabilities, push their automation efforts to save costs and increase their regulatory reporting capabilities. Better MRM is needed to remain competitive in a world full of algorithms and AI.

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Yields has been selected in the 2017 IMEC.iStart accelerator program!

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