Enterprise Model Risk Management Software

Chiron accelerates model risk management activities for financial institutions, from model validation and testing to model documentation.

Automate with ease

Automate manual repetitive tasks and increase your team’s capabilities and efficiency.

Meet regulations

Enforce compliance to established model risk management frameworks such as SR11-7.

Flexible solution

A highly configurable technology to meet organisation-specific business requirements.

Made for teams

Ensure smooth information flow between model development and validation teams.

Meet our Technology

Trust your models with our Enterprise Model
Risk Management Technology

Get a complete Model Risk Management solution and automate real-time model validation and monitoring through our
AI-driven technology, the Yields MRM Platform.

model inventory


Manage your model lifecycle with Chiron Enterprise

Chiron Enterprise combines an interactive model inventory and a configurable workflow engine to enable decision-makers, model developers, and model validators to efficiently collaborate, manage end-to-end workflows, and have full auditability of all events over the model lifecycle. 


Automate Model Validation
with Chiron App

Chiron App is an award-winning data science platform to automate all quantitative testing and documentation. The platform includes MRM-specific analytics such as benchmarking, backtesting, and data quality analysis. Chiron App versions and links all models, data, and analytics to enable going back in time and reproducing previous results. 

enterprise model risk management software

Key features

An end-to-end enterprise model risk management solution to support your model lifecycle, streamline MRM processes, create reproducible model documentation, and automate model testing and validation.


Automate Model Validation

Models are tested at scale through the execution of standardised reusable routines.

Perform more frequent and comprehensive tests

Improve the efficiency and reliability of repeatable task

Ensure reproducibility of test results

automating model validation
team collaboration

Enhance Collaboration

Encourage real-time collaboration between model developers and validators and prevent miscommunication.

One central platform to orchestrate MRM activities

Share tests, best practices and developed tools and libraries

Embed formal approval steps


Automate Model Documentation

Model documentation is often poorly written, meaning it is inadequate to support a rigorous validation effort.

Automate model documentation via pre-defined text blocks

Standardise the structure, and ease model documentation maintenance

Compliant with established regulatory frameworks

model documentation with chiron enterprise
model validation v2 1

Manage end-to-end Processes

Scale Model Risk Management processes and configure workflows in a no-code manner.

Enforce compliance with internal model risk policies and regulatory requirements

Produce real-time reports to make informed decisions

Have full auditability of events over the model lifecycle

Learn how financial firms leverage our solution

Read our latest case studies to discover how financial firms leverage Chiron App and Chiron Enterprise to efficiently manage model risk.

automating model validation

Validation of Credit Risk Models at a Belgian Bank

A Belgian bank was struggling to efficiently manage its model validation process. Validation backlogs mounted as the team struggled to cover expanding validation and regulatory requests.

scale and streamline MRM processes

Automated Testing & Documentation at a G-SIB

A G-SIB was looking to implement technical capabilities to increase the efficiency of the model development lifecycle and align its model documentation with minimum documentation standards.

Industry-wide credibility

Trusted by tier 1 financial institutions and regional banks worldwide to simplify and streamline their Model Risk Management.

Ready to streamline your model lifecycle?

Leverage our award-winning data science platform to embed trust in your algorithms and embrace responsible data-driven decision-making.