Automated Testing and Documentation


A global tier 1 financial institution was looking for a fully integrated technology solution to facilitate a strategic and sustainable model lifecycle.
Through enhancing the model lifecycle and introducing automated testing and documentation, the organisation wanted to achieve efficiency gains
needed for model developers to re-focus on value-add activities.

Our Solution

Chiron App and Chiron Enterprise are deployed on-premise and integrate with the client’s risk systems and data sources to automate Model Risk Management processes.

model risk management workflow orchestrator

Benefits of Chiron Integration

  • Reproducibility

All tests run on the platform can be replayed in the future with the data and model as they were originally run.

  • Automated Testing

Models are tested at scale via execution of standardized reusable routines, which improves the efficiency, reliability and speed of repeatable tasks and tests

  • Automated Model Documentation

Model documentation is generated automatically by populating templates with both quantitative and qualitative content 

  • Workflow Orchestration

Via the configurable workflow orchestrator business processes such as documentation generation can be executed and managed centrally

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model documentation


Automated Model Documentation with the Chiron MRM platform

periodic revalidation with chiron


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