Chiron is now available on IBM Cloud for Financial Services

Our team at continues to be laser-focused on helping financial institutions make better decisions through a comprehensive end-to-end Model Risk Management Platform. Chiron offers your model development and validation teams an easy-to-configure workflow management and model inventory tool designed to scale and manage your end-to-end model risk management processes. Chiron significantly speeds up model validation tasks, generates regulatory compliant documentation, and industrialises model monitoring through AI-driven functionalities. Today, we share an exciting update – Chiron is now available on IBM Cloud for Financial Services is a fast-growing tech company on a mission to empower organizations to trust their algorithms and lead them to responsible data-driven decision-making. IBM Cloud for Financial Services aims to help reduce risk throughout the supply chain by addressing regulatory compliance and security requirements for financial institutions. The industry-specific platform is designed to accelerate financial institutions’ digital transformations while placing trust and security at the forefront.  

At the heart of the IBM Cloud for Financial Services is the IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services (the Framework) that provides common operational criteria and streamlined compliance controls, specifically for the financial services industry. Only ISVs and SaaS providers like that demonstrate compliance with the Framework are eligible to deliver offerings with the Financial Services Validated designation. In order to offer Financial Services Validated services to financial institutions, ISV and SaaS providers must comply with the Framework’s comprehensive set of policies and controls. This is designed to assist financial services institutions in meeting their regulatory compliance and risk management obligations. It aims to reduce the complexity of managing third-party workloads, helping financial institutions to demonstrate regulatory compliance faster and more efficiently. 

We are really excited to partner with IBM and encourage your teams to access the technology here.