Yields Debuts New Logo Reflecting Chaos Theory

As Yields approaches its seventh anniversary in spring 2024, we are excited to unveil a new logo as part of our comprehensive rebranding and brand identity transformation. This milestone presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on our journey and introduce a refreshed visual identity that aligns with our evolving vision and values.


Old Yields logo

new Yields logo

New Yields logo

Our previous logo, featuring a “Y” symbol, represented our commitment to delivering higher yields by supporting our customers to create better models through uncompromising Model Risk Management. While this statement remains true, our new logo not only makes us stand out more but also embraces a more holistic view of how sound engineering, grounded in the mathematical world, enables our customers to mitigate model risk. This single image reflects our innovative approach and precision in financial technology.

Our new logo features a butterfly symbolizing the Lorenz attractor and chaos theory, enclosed within a box. This design captures the essence of our company’s commitment to reduce the impact of unexpected events and thus to reduce risk in the complex and ever-evolving financial landscape.

The butterfly represents the sensitivity to unanticipated changes in the data or use case in which a complex model operates akin to the butterfly effect in chaos theory, where small changes can lead to significant changes in the outcome. The box surrounding the butterfly signifies our robust and structured approach to risk management, ensuring control and stability amidst the inherent unpredictability of the world around us.

As our brand visual was updated, so was the coloring of our logo. We have transitioned from the old bright orange to a strong blue and white palette. This modern color scheme allows us to stand out from the competition while embodying the values essential to the banking world. Blue symbolizes trust, credibility, and professionalism, reflecting our commitment to providing reliable and world-class technology solutions for our clients.

With our new bold logo, we aim to make a significant mark in the financial world, ensuring we are recognized and remembered for what we offer: a world-class, award-winning SaaS suite for financial institutions to maintain control over their models. This innovative technology empowers firms with precision, reproducibility, and auditability, setting a new standard in Model Risk Management.

What is the Lorenz attractor? 

The Lorenz attractor is a concept in chaos theory, representing how small changes in initial conditions can lead to vastly different outcomes, making long-term predictions impossible. Developed by Edward Lorenz in 1963,the Lorenz system models atmospheric convection and the attractor, when plotted in phase space, resembles a butterfly.

Key Aspects:

  • Sensitivity to Initial Conditions: Tiny variations can result in significantly different outcomes, known as the “butterfly effect.”
  • Deterministic Chaos: Chaotic systems are governed by deterministic rules but produce unpredictable patterns.
  • Strange Attractors: The Lorenz attractor is an example, showing a complex trajectory that remains confined but never repeats. The attractor is called “strange” because it has a fractal structure (i.e. its Hausdorff dimension is non-integer).
  • Non-linearity: Outputs are not directly proportional to inputs, leading to diverse behaviors.