Webinar – Uncompromising MRM with CE 2.0

Level Up Your Model Risk Management with Yields’ Innovative UI Update

Watch this webinar recording where participants are exploring “Chiron Enterprise 2.0”, presented by solution engineer Efrem Bonfiglioli and product owner Mircea Anton. The session provides an insightful journey through the inception and evolution of Chiron Enterprise.

Attendees are introduced to the key features and enhancements of Chiron Enterprise 2.0. The system consists of three integral modules: a model inventory for detailed tracking of models, a workflow engine to standardize management practices across different teams, and a documentation builder to ensure current and comprehensive model documentation. The emphasis is on the platform’s user-centric design and configurability, highlighting its ability to provide a streamlined and intuitive model risk management experience.

During the recorded demonstration, the enhanced user interface and navigation capabilities of Chiron Enterprise 2.0 are showcased. The presentation effectively demonstrates how the system facilitates an efficient workflow for both developers and validators, enabling them to manage model information and documentation seamlessly. The configurable nature of the platform is a focal point, illustrating its adaptability to meet specific business needs, streamline model risk management processes and deal with continuously changing model risk requirements.

The webinar encourages participants to further engage with Chiron Enterprise by exploring the demo center and accessing the sandbox environment. This engagement aims to demonstrate the platform’s rapid adaptability and configurability, reinforcing Chiron Enterprise’s role as a flexible and efficient solution in the model risk management landscape.

Watch the Webinar recording.

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