Can AI risk be transferred?

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When managing risk, we have -broadly speaking- two options: We can mitigate risk, which is done by reducing the likelihood of an accident or by reducing its exposure. A second approach is to transfer the risk through insurance or warranties. In the upcoming webinar, Dan and Jos will talk about the latter approach and discuss the details of transfer for AI risk. They will also focus on how mitigation and transfer go hand in hand. 

Dan Adamson is CTO and co-founder of Armilla, an AI risk transfer solution provider. He is a technology entrepreneur and executive with a demonstrated history of inventing, growing teams, releasing products, with a focus on R&D and innovation. Dan has plenty of experience in model & AI risk management. With Armilla he is inventing novel approaches to manage the risk of analytics.

webinar - Can AI risk be transferred?

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Date: 3 July 2024
Time: 4 PM CET / 10 AM EDT