Strategic Partnership with SMARTER risk management

Yields Forms Strategic Partnership with SMARTER risk management to Enhance Model Risk Management Solutions for U.S. Based Financial Institutions

Brussels, 03 April 2024 – Yields, a frontrunner in model risk management (MRM) solutions, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with SMARTER risk management (SRM), a US-based boutique consulting firm renowned for its specialized model risk management and validation services tailored for regional and community banks. This collaboration is set to redefine and enhance support frameworks for these financial institutions by leveraging Yields’s advanced technology expertise alongside SRM’s MRM seasoned advisory services. The consultants at SRM have been involved in MRM for over 25 years and understand the current state as well as the evolution of MRM. 

This partnership is uniquely positioned to address the specific needs of regional and community banks, which are facing challenges in model risk management and regulatory compliance. MRM is moving from a decentralized activity to one where tools and techniques may be applied to all of the models a financial institution uses for  management and regulatory purposes.  By integrating Yields’s cutting-edge model risk management platform with the deep industry knowledge and validation expertise of SRM, these financial institutions can now access a tailored solution that enhances their risk management and planning capabilities, ensures regulatory compliance, and supports efficient operational scaling.

Jos Gheerardyn, CEO of Yields, commented on the partnership, stating, “Our partnership with SMARTER Risk Management marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower financial institutions with superior model risk management capabilities. Leveraging SRM’s specialized expertise allows us to tailor our technology solutions more effectively, ensuring that financial and regulatory risks are addressed more efficiently and with greater confidence.”

John Hurlock, Founder and President of SMARTER Risk Management, shares his perspective: “We have had long and fruitful discussions with Yields over the past several years. I am excited about the opportunity to bring to the regional and community banking arena a solution that enhances MRM for these organizations. Our partnership with Yields joins leading edge MRM tools with our extensive experience in validating models of all types. We believe the efficiencies and clear understanding of the process and results will really add value to MRM”.

The partnership between Yields and SMARTER risk management underscores a shared commitment to providing the financial industry with innovative, efficient, and regulatory-compliant risk management solutions. Regional and Community financial institutions will benefit from a partnership that understands their unique needs and delivers cutting-edge technology and advisory services designed to empower their operations.

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About Yields

Yields is at the forefront of model risk management software development, offering advanced solutions that help financial institutions across the globe efficiently manage and mitigate model risks. With a commitment to technological innovation and regulatory compliance, Yields supports its clients in enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of their risk management practices.

About SMARTER risk management

SMARTER risk management is a U.S. based advisory firm that focuses on common sense solutions to the risk management issued faced by financial institutions. SRM’s team of seasoned consultants have both experience as bankers and consultants, meaning they understand the issues, challenges and opportunities faced by the regional and community banking market. With respect to Model Risk Management, SRM’s consultants have been involved in this arena for over 25 years and understand the current issues as well as the evolution of MRM.

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