Startup Winner Jury Prize at Fintech Belgium

We are very proud to announce that won the jury prize of the startup pitch competition at FINTECH BELGIUM Summit 2018!


the startup winner at Fintech Belgium Summit 2018 is the startup winner of the jury prize at startup pitch competition at Fintech Belgium Summit 2018.

In 2017, Jos Gheerardyn and Sebastien Viguie founded With our platform, you can automated model monitoring and validation services, identifying issues in algorithms and turning them into actionable business insights. Managers, model validators, developers, risk managers and traders are the main users of the platform, at the moment.

With Chiron, platform, you can detect and remediate model issues and improve model governance. We have offices in Ghent (Belgium) and New York City (United States) and is part of the IMEC.iStart incubator program.

About FinTech Belgium

FinTech Belgium Summit 2018: Beyond the hype, explored topics such as payments, APIs / open banking, blockchain, cross-industry diversification and AI/Machine learning.

FinTech Belgium is the first and biggest community of Fintechers in Belgium. Moreover, it is a community for financial professionals, startup entrepreneurs and investors, who are interested in discovering and discussing disruptive business models and new technology for the financial services industry. This community was founded at the beginning of 2015 by FinTech actors and people involved in the FinTech development in Belgium.

The aim of Fintech Belgium is to welcome as members and/or partners: every company directly or indirectly involved in the financial services industry (banking, insurance, asset management, payment, consulting, big data, technology interfaces, etc…) and that uses or develops operational, technological or commercial innovative models with a view to improve the functioning of the industry or to address its existing or emerging issues.

They are a lively community and a place of exchange which enables it to federate its members and represent them outside the community.

Interested in learning more? Watch a demo of Chiron, our flagship product.