Efrem Bonfiglioli: Standing out as a solution engineer

In fundamental terms, a solution engineer advises, instructs, and helps configure a technology solution to meet customers’ needs. Arguably one of the most critical roles in enterprise technology sales, solution engineers are technical experts who glue together customers, research and development (R&D) teams, product teams, and customer success teams. They are responsible for creating engaging software demonstrations, and ensuring that they encompass all customer requirements within the technology evaluation process.

As a seasoned model risk management professional and educator, Efrem Bonfiglioli continually goes beyond the traditional route of selling. For Efrem, Model Risk Management (MRM) is his domain of expertise, and helping financial services firms overcome MRM challenges is not only a job but his passion. He gives us a glimpse into his world.

Going below the surface

Efrem enjoys learning and proactively sharing his knowledge, which stems from his extensive background in academia and working experience at global financial institutions. He is a critical thinker by nature and excels in problem solving. These characteristics make him a great solution engineer. “I enjoy being a solution engineer. I worked in model-related roles at various banking firms, and I experienced first-hand the difficulties customers and prospects face, such as automating model validation, generating quality documentation, and staying in control of the expanding volume, complexity, and scope of models. Nowadays, I take pride in being able to address our customers’ challenges effectively and demonstrate how our technology can streamline and enhance their daily work processes.” Efrem believes in going below the surface to provide a comprehensive technology solution that aligns with each customer’s long-term goals. That is why he makes sure to stay ahead of industry trends and evolving regulatory requirements, so he can provide insights to financial institutions on how they can leverage technology to establish a robust model risk management practice.

Efrem Bonfiglioli

Painting the bigger picture

Efrem believes that a crucial factor in helping banks understand their requirements and achieve the best possible outcome is by establishing a strong link between technical experts and decision-makers.

For Efrem, selling software is not about telling prospects what you have; it goes beyond demoing functionalities and describing benefits. “As a solution engineer, I have to be able to paint the bigger picture and demonstrate how our technology can improve the current way of working, and impact the business in the long run. In the sales team, it’s essential that we effectively demonstrate to our customers the range of possibilities our technology solution offers, while helping them understand the tangible benefits the solution brings to make their lives easier. Our goal is to help them realize how they can do more with our solution.”

A purposeful mission

Looking ahead, Efrem is driven by a clear mission: to assist financial services firms in achieving efficiency and effectiveness in model risk management through the power of the Yields MRM Suite, while navigating and complying with new regulations such as SS1/23 in the U.K. “I devote much of my time to raising awareness about model risk management, in order to curb the risks posed by the increasing reliance of companies on AI applications. As a naturally curious person, there’s nothing more I love than taking part in discussions and understanding where all these challenges our customers and prospects are rooted in, how they align with their business goals, and solving these complex challenges with the best possible solution.” 

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