Daria Lazko on discovering her passion for sales

Daria Lazko

The technology sector has made significant strides in recent years, yet it is known for its challenges. Daria Lazko is a seasoned Tech Business Development Representative. Having worked at fast-growing companies, she understands the complexities of the industry and how to overcome them. Reflecting on her experiences from legal to tech, Daria gives us a glimpse of her transition from administrative law to sales in technology, how she has thrived in her new role, and what drew her to work at Yields.

Embracing new challenges

Daria’s background has proven valuable when it comes to engaging and fostering relationships. Along her journey, and guided by her desire for a more fulfilling career, Daria fell in love with business development within the tech industry, and has pursued it with steadfast dedication. With her experience in corporate law, she possessed skills that successfully helped her thrive in her career transition into sales.

Following her return from China in 2016, Daria left her legal role for an exciting career to help fast-growing international startups acquire new business opportunities. She discovered that the tech industry, with its rapid and constant evolution, was more dynamic and exciting than the more static field of law. For Daria, the allure of the tech industry lies in the challenge of keeping pace with its rapid advances, ranging from evolving regulations to cutting-edge breakthroughs, making her role continually engaging and exciting.

Working at Yields

Drawn to Yields’ fresh approach and innovative technology, Daria joined the company as a Business Development Representative. She feels that working at a startup like Yields offers continuous opportunities to try new ideas and fine-tune approaches to meet clients’ ever-changing needs.

Years into her tenure, Daria remains enthusiastic about her role, despite the challenges and complexities that come with it. The part of her job she finds most fulfilling is the research, where she identifies companies that truly align with the Yields technology. However, it’s the initial spark of engagement with a prospect that truly invigorates her. Whether it’s a response to an email or a comment on a social media post, these are the moments that may catalyze opportunities not only for the company’s growth but for the potential client as well.

Daria finds her motivation in prospect validation, explaining that when prospects share their pain points, there’s an “a-ha moment” where both parties realize that there is a click. This realization brings her joy, knowing that a certain piece of technology can genuinely help a company solve a pain point.

Her advice for people who want an exciting career in sales and tech? She recommends embracing the learning curve. Daria believes that the complexities of selling technology require understanding and persistence. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of sales professionals deeply comprehending the technology they are selling, and communicating this technology’s benefits in a clear and relevant way to each client.

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