Chiron Enterprise 2.0: Enhanced Platform Configurability

Chiron enterprise 2.0_1

In today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape and with the unique business requirements banks have, platform configurability has become more essential than ever. Recognizing its importance, our team has always put flexibility and configurability at the core of Chiron Enterprise. We are pleased to announce that with the Chiron Enterprise 2.0 update, users are able to further customize the platform and keep their model inventory dynamic along with their MRM framework with little to no coding. See what’s new for you. Discover the new features of Chiron Enterprise 2.0.

Flexible configuration and customization of the user interface

Apart from introducing a better sign-in experience, we have introduced some major changes to the platform to improve user experience. 

User Interface Customization enables users to reorder menu items and manage filters and columns to display for a more custom view.

chiron enterprise user interface

We have upgraded the Workflow feature in Chiron Enterprise to enable you to easily view and manage assigned tasks and actions.

chiron enterprise workflow

Improved Processes

When it comes to model risk management processes, we introduced a new and intuitive step-by-step experience where tasks execution status is clearly marked with different coloring. 

chiron enterprise improved processes

Intuitive Ordering enables you to order list values based on a preferred rank instead of just alphabetical order (e.g. display ‘Medium’ before ‘Low’), facilitating a more intuitive selection of information for users.

chiron enterprise intuitive ordering

Improved model catalog

To enable you to have a better overview of models, we added functionalities to the model inventory. These include advanced search capabilities and custom filters, making it easier to locate models and related items. Additionally, our updated table designs now feature status icons and improved text wrapping for a more intuitive overview.


Integration of detailed headers provides quick insights, including specific model details and available actions. 

chiron enterprise integration of detailed headers

Enhanced the technology’s navigation and side panel to include a comments and history section to immediately get information about a model.

chiron enterprise enhanced technologys navigation and side panel
chiron enterprise enhanced technologys navigation and side panel_2

Upgraded exporting capabilities for users to export model-specific attributes, dependencies, and stakeholders directly into CSV files. This enhancement greatly facilitates data portability and simplifies external data analyses.

upgraded exporting capabilities

Advanced Findings & Tasks Management

Easily access findings and assign tasks using the platform’s new interface, which offers a more user-friendly navigation path. This allows you to find information faster and in a more structured manner.

chiron enterprise advanced findings & task management_2

We are also introducing hard delete options in 2.0. With appropriate permissions, you can now perform light or full deletions of findings. This added flexibility allows for more precise data management.

Enriched documentation builder

Furthermore, we’ve upgraded our documentation placeholders to facilitate the automated generation of consistent model documentation. By incorporating a tabular format option for various documentation sections, we aim to improve both readability and organization of documents.

chiron enterprise enriched documentation builder

Model Description and Metadata

Versatile toolbar added to easily switch between Word and LaTeX to create, preview and debug content.

model metadescription and metadata

New floating panel added for citations, cross references, placeholders and images.

chiron enterprise new floating panel