Argenta Selected Yields for Its Model Risk Management

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Argenta partners up with Yields

Antwerp – Belgium (May 23, 2019)

Argenta, a bank and insurance company for families, serving 1,75 million clients in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg partnered with Yields to use its AI-driven model risk management platform. This solution will enable Argenta to manage the entire life cycle of models including data validation, performance measurements and benchmarking, using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Argenta selected Yields after a review of available solution providers active in this space. Yields was selected because of its flexibility and customizability, which allows Argenta to integrate the platform in its model risk management framework.

“We believe AI will change the way we work dramatically. By using Yields we invest in this change, the AI platform will enhance the efficiency and capability of the Validation department in performing robust validations” states Delphine Draelants, Manager Validation & Model Risk Management at Argenta. “We are proud to work together with Argenta since the risk management team really embraces innovation and new technologies. Thanks to their strategic decision to take full ownership of the model risk management process, they make a perfect client” adds Jos Gheerardyn, CEO and co-founder of Yields.

After a successful pilot, the institution selected the SaaS offering. Training of the team as well as support to bring the first models onto the platform was accomplished in a matter of weeks, on schedule and within budget.

This partnership will allow Argenta to be at the forefront of the European market in the use of Artificial Intelligence in the Risk Management practice.


Delphine Draelants

Parvis Sainte-Gudule 5, Brussels

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