A comprehensive model risk management platform

Validating data and models at scale

Data governance and analytics validation

Model risk management is a sophisticated blend of operational excellence and analytical rigor. Its implementation is a must for every financial institution and consists of multiple facets.

  1. A model validation framework describing the standards and principles of the validation
  2. A model validation methodology mentioning quantitative tests and a model risk tiering approach
  3. Periodic monitoring grouping quantitative tests with qualitative analysis and a compliance model assessment.
  4. An on-going monitoring which is performed to detect degraded performance at an early stage

Operational excellence

Our platform implements a validation framework compatible with regulatory requirements across the globe

Yields.io can generate the model risk reporting necessary for risk committees and boards.

Our solution supports the various interaction between first, second and third line of defence

On-premise and SaaS capabilities

Analytical rigor

A rich set of statistical methods to measure stability, discriminatory power, predictive power, model performance and accuracy

ML-powered benchmark models and anomaly detection techniques

Run on a distributed system that can scale with your requirements

An exhaustive set of validation templates

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