Harnessing Machine Learning in Development


A cooperative banking group in Italy was looking for an efficient way to improve their modeling approaches to manage large portfolio loans. The models in scope were credit scoring, recovery models and pricing models.

What are the problems
the bank faced?

The bank only had limited tools available to support their quants in their efforts to improve their analytics. They required an agile solution to support their model development process and a new way to validate and monitor their models.

Our Solution

The bank has opted for a SaaS installation of Chiron App is used to allow the development team to create high-performing models using our scalable Machine Learning (ML) infrastructure.

How did Chiron Integration make a difference?

  • Fast Development Process

The bank’s development process was10x faster after Chiron integration.

  • Improved Model Validation & Monitoring

Integrated solution for validation and monitoring

  • Enhanced Model Risk Management

Better model risk management framework implemented.

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