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Chiron is an enterprise solution for Model Risk Management, designed to streamline your model lifecycle through the automation of repetitive tasks.

Increased efficiency through automation

Increased efficiency through automation

Battle-tested, robust,  efficiently maintained

Battle-tested, robust, efficiently maintained

Centralized Data

Centralized data and analytics

Employ AI to validate models and data at scale

Powerful, flexible features

  • Extensive library of validation templates
  • Include your custom templates
  • Out of the box analytics
  • Versioning of datasets
  • Keep the linkage between your Model Risk Management objects
  • Share data and analyses
  • Re-run analyses
  • Create regulatory compliant documentation
  • Integrate with other model risk management components

Empowering model risk managers

  • Accelerate the production of models
  • Enable faster on-boarding of models
  • Enhance collaboration between the three lines of defence
  • Decrease costs through automation
  • Enforce a consistent validation approach
  • Manage an audit trail at all times
  • Reduce burden on model developers and validators
Automate repetitive analyses

Automate repetitive analyses

By automating backtesting, benchmarking or data quality assessments, model risk managers can focus on their SME tasks. Explainability methods such as LIME or LE plots are readily available.

Facilitate collaboration between teams

Facilitate collaboration between teams

Chiron does this by centralising all model risk management data and digital assets, by orchestrating the business processes related to model risk management, and by fostering interaction between all three lines of defence.

Create reproducible model documentation and validation reports

Create reproducible model documentation and validation reports

Chiron keeps track of the linkage between data, analytics and reports.

Monitor model quality evolution over time

Monitor model quality evolution over time

With Chiron, you can re-run the same analysis on multiple versions of a model to study its evolution over time.

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