Press Release: VDAB Partners Up with

VDAB partners up with

Brussels – Belgium (July 2020) VDAB, the Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Service, partnered with to use Chiron, its solution for model risk management. The VDAB uses AI models in an innovative way to carry out its core task: mediating and guiding job seekers on their job search. In view of the social importance of this work, it is crucial that these AI models remain ethical, fair and transparent. VDAB will use Chiron to continuously monitor the AI applications and to provide the necessary transparency towards both users and decision-makers.

VDAB selected after extensive research of the available solutions and after successful completion of a pilot where the AI team did an in-depth analysis of the capabilities of the platform.

The Flemish Employment organization clearly acknowledges the need for good management of mathematical models. This vision is very much in line with the European initiative towards trustworthy AI, as illustrated in a recent white paper from the European Commission entitled “a European approach to excellence and trust”.

“As a Public Employment Service, we build our AI practice on three ethical principles: trust, transparency and benefit for citizens and for society. As such testing both our data, as well as our models on possible risks, has become an integral part of our model development life cycle. With Chiron we take the next step in automating and enforcing one of the most important steps in model development”, says Guido Van Humbeeck, Director Architecture & Innovation at VDAB.

“Chiron will allow VDAB to actively manage the risk associated to AI applications that have a direct impact on many people’s lives. Enabling organizations to create and maintain unbiased and transparent algorithms, is the exact reason why we started this business”, says Jos Gheerardyn, CEO of

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For all the details, read the announcement article.

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